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 Code from the Book

The source code from the examples can be found in our code repository. You can also find the major modules from the book listed by name here.

We also have all the code wrapped up in both a tarball and zip file, in addition to a Cookbook.ppd ppm package for Win32 users.

While we have tried to make all of our source code freely available, we may have missed an example or two.
Feel free to contact us with requests for missing examples.

 CPAN Modules

Some code has been adapted for the larger mod_perl community.
You can download them from your nearest CPAN mirror or our downloads area.

  • Apache::CacheContent (0.12) [readme | download | ppd ]
    PerlFixupHandler class that caches dynamic content

  • Apache::AuthDigest (0.022) [readme | download ]
    A suite of applications for using Digest authentication with mod_perl

  • Apache::MIMEMapper (0.01) [readme | download | ppd ]
    Associate file extensions with PerlHandlers

  • Apache::TaintRequest (0.10) [readme | download | ppd ]
    HTML Escape tainted data to prevent Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
    Read about Apache::Taint request on

  • Apache::WinBitHack (0.01) [readme | download | ppd ]
    An Apache module to emulate XBitHack on Win32

 Other Related Modules

We have written or been involved in the development of the following related CPAN modules. Enjoy!

  • Apache::Clean (0.05) [readme | download ]
    mod_perl interface into HTML::Clean

  • Apache::Clean for mod_perl 2.0 (2.00b) [readme | download ]
    mod_perl 2.0 port of Apache::Clean

  • Apache::Dispatch (0.09) [readme | download ]
    Call PerlHandlers with the ease of Registry scripts

  • Apache::LogSTDERR (0.12) [readme | download ]
    Buffered logging to STDERR

  • Apache::RequestNotes (0.06) [readme | download ]
    Auto parsing and storage of form and cookie data

  • HTML::Clean (0.8) [readme | download ]
    Cleans up HTML code for web browsers